Logo, John H. Thier Co - Food Distributors
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P.O.Box 30232, Cincinnati, OH 45230



Bluegrass Dairy & Food - Spray Dried Cheese, Sour Cream, Sweet Cream, Yogurt, Butter
Dairy Farmers of America - Fluid Dairy Products
Franklin Foods - Cream Cheese and Baker's CheeZe
Lakeview Farms - Sour Cream
Lynn Dairy - Feta & Other Cheeses
Madison Farm Diary - Butter


Fats & Oils

Bluegrass Dairy and Food - SD Shortening, & Non Dairy Creamers
Mallet & Co. - Specialty Oils & Custom Blends


Grains & Fibers

Didion Milling - Corn Meals, Flour, Bran, Blends & Soy Flour
Heartland Flax - Flax Seed
Nature's Wild Rice Co. - Wild Rice



Bluegrass Dairy & Food - Spray Dried Fruit Juices
KMC - Orange, Lemon and Lime Purees
National Raisin Co. - Raisins
RV Industries - Coconut


Duche Nut Co. - Almonds and English Walnuts
Green Valley Pecan Co. - Pecans



Domino Specialty Ingredients - Liquid & Dry Molasses, Honey, Malt, Invert Sugar, Dry Fondants & Rice and Oat Syrups
Suzanne's Specialties - Regular & Organic Honey & other Specialty Sweeteners
Sweet Solutions - Creme Fondant, Marshmallow, Piping Jels, Caramel, & Other Specialty Items


Seasonings, Spices, Herbs

Everson Spice Co. - Spice Blends & Seasonings
Golden State Herbs - Conventional & Organic Herbs
Mincing/Overseas Spice Co. - Spices & Spice Seasonings



George Chiala Farms - Fresh, Frozen, Shelf Stable & Processed Peppers (Mild to HOT), Onion, Garlic, Tomatillo, & Infused Oils
JM Farms - Dehydrated Mushrooms